Top 10 Reasons Not to Even Consider Using an iPod for Your Wedding

In this day in age, the new talk in trends is using an iPod to DJ your wedding. Now they even have services that offer custom tailored announcements so you don’t have to beg a friend or relative to emcee the wedding. Some brides and grooms love the idea because they can play what THEY want to HEAR at THEIR wedding…. But let's really think about something for a minute.. Read below before you even consider doing this…….


10. Your iPod can’t take requests. Your DJ or Band can. What if their was that 1 or 2 songs your friends knew you loved from years ago, but you happen to forget about? Wouldn't it be really cool if you heard one or two of those and it brought back awesome once in a lifetime memories.

9. What if your guests happen to not like your style of music? If you sit down with a DJ or Band, they can have a plan B, got forbid something like this happens.

8. You have to either illegally download most of your music or pay for it on I-tunes.   Any professional DJ/MC or band, legally has this music and lot's of it!!

7. Who is going to coordinate your evening? Who is going to line up the bridal party? Who is going to announce when it's time to cut the cake? Who is going to keep the events moving smoothly? Who is going to coordinate the events with the venue? In most cases your DJ or band will coordinate the entire reception with ALL of your vendors, ensuring a stress free evening and making sure no one misses a single thing.

6. Sound system? You will have to rent a complete sound system and take hours of your day to learn how to use it. Estimated cost $200.00 - $300.00

5. Sound quality? Sound quality from an iPod is at approx 96-128bps   That is very low quality and the on board sound card for the iPod is not designed to use on a high defenition professional sound system. Any high end DJ company or Band will have state of the art equipment. This will be very clear sounding.

4. Backup equipment or music? What happens of the battery goes out on your iPod? What if something happens with the music equipment. Who is going to be able to fix it on the fly. With any experienced DJ or band, they are also technicians and will have backup equipment on location and know how to fix something if it goes wrong.

3. Set up and Take down? Do you really want to be bothered with this on your wedding day... Even if you give the job to a friend to do,, who is going to stick around and clean it up? With a DJ or band, you will have nothing to worry about.

2. How can you plan ahead? How do you plan for what your crowd is going to like and how they are going to react to the music without being there to see their reaction for every song. What if the dancefloor is packed and you wanted to keep things moving, however the next song you programmed in your ipod was a slow song... Wow……….you just cleared your dance floor. A DJ or Band has the talent and experience to keep the fun going and build an atmosphere that will engage your guests with tons of fun and dancing all night long.

1. What personality does your iPod have?  What ideas are your iPod going to give you? What great agenda is your iPod going to set up that will work? How is your iPod going to engage your guests? If you hire a professional Band or DJ, you will sit down with them ahead of time and get a better feel for what each other is looking for and how much interaction or involvement you want from them.

In summary: When you add up the time for set up and take down, doing announcements, purchasing music and sound system rental, you are way better off to hire an experienced, professional DJ/MC. You will have more time to plan your day and you will be able to enjoy your day instead of working, and maybe worying, on your special day. 20 years from now your guests will only remember 1 thing………..Did I have an awesome time and stay late dancing, or did I leave early. If they don’t remember your wedding, they most likely didn’t have fun…………

The above reasons are based on facts and real live examples.

If you go to and type in iPod wedding disasters,  you will see exactly what I mean.