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Hiring your disc jockey is one of the most important decisions you'll make to insure the success of your wedding and reception. But with so many DJ's to choose from, how do you decide? Look for an experienced DJ who will give your wedding the individual attention it deserves.

With years of experience as a wedding DJ and personalized service that will exceed your expectations, I'll work with you to create a fun-filled, stress-free event that reflects your personality and style. And unlike many disc jockeys, all services for your wedding will be performed personally by me, the owner of the company.

> Our comprehensive Planning Tools will guide you easily through every phase of your wedding and reception.

> High-end sound equipment, crystal clear at any volume, will be customized to your venue.

> Our 135,000+ song digital library will allow instant access to a complete variety of music from Sinatra to Gaga.

> Dazzling lighting effects will entice your guests to the dance floor.

> Master of Ceremonies duties will be skillfully handled to insure your reception flows smoothly from Grand Entrance to Final Dance.

An excellent disc jockey helps make your dream wedding a reality by playing the requested music at the appropriate times and coordinating your wedding in a smooth and professional manner.

 I know how important your wedding reception is to you, your family and your guests. I can assist you in planning the wedding you've imagined in your dreams. Once you have determined what you want to occur at your reception, I will ensure that it happens just the way you want it to, leaving you to enjoy the party.

 My wedding reception planner checklist can simplify coordinating the traditional reception events and selecting the music to make those events special.

With our first-hand knowledge of popular music that spans decades, Snowrider Entertainment is the only DJ choice for celebrating life's milestone events. Together we will create the perfect soundtrack for your wedding, reception, birthday or anniversary party, class reunion or corporate event.

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the bride and groom, 

are the producers of your wedding.

We have partnered with and to bring you a comprehensive set of tools to help you plan your perfect day.

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DJ and Master of Ceremonies Services for Your Wedding

Wedding DJs ...

Not everyone seems to understand exactly what a professional wedding disc jockey actually does. Recently I received a call from a bride looking to hire a DJ for her wedding. She said that she and her fiance had spent weeks downloading songs to be played at their reception. They had already chosen their music and even burned the songs on CD's. All they wanted me to do was play their songs in the order they were recorded. The groom also mentioned that he wanted his uncle to introduce the wedding party.

I politely indicated to them that they really didn't need the services of a professional wedding DJ. Instead, they should just rent some equipment and get a friend to press the play button. Incidentally, they were planning to spend three times their DJ budget on chair covers!

This bride meant well. She was doing everything she could to insure that her wedding reception would be a success. However, her call indicated two things to me: first, she had no concept of what a professional wedding DJ really does and second, she believed she could not trust a DJ to deliver what she wanted without micro-managing his performance.

In this age of digital music and instant downloads, everyone seems to be walking around with 2,000 songs in their pocket or purse. Some of these people are even calling themselves wedding DJs, blissfully unaware that there's a lot more to being a professional wedding DJ than just showing up with a few thousand songs on an iPod.

In fact, the term "Wedding DJ" has taken on such negative connotations (How youse guys doin' tonite? ... Is that Maid of Honor hot or what? ... Now everybody scream!), that experienced wedding DJ's are now attempting to distance themselves from the wanna-be's and amateurs by calling themselves Event Coordinators or Entertainment Directors.

Performance ...

No matter how you refer to me, as your professional wedding DJ I have two significant responsibilities: hosting the events of your reception in a professional manner and programming the perfect music to complement each reception event. Hosting involves monitoring the pace and flow of your reception events while serving as your official Master of Ceremonies, representing you and your family to all of your invited guests.

Programming music is much different than just playing music. At a typical reception, there is time to play just 50 or 60 songs. Years of experience at hundreds of weddings will enable me to select just the right song at any given moment to complement each phase of your reception while, at the same time, being responsive to your music preferences and those of your guests.

For example, dinner music just before dancing will have more rhythm and energy than music at the start of dinner in order to motivate guests for the dancing that will soon follow. And when the dancing starts, the experienced DJ knows which songs are virtually guaranteed to get guests of all ages on the dance floor and keep them there.

Planning and Preparation ...

My performance, however, is only as good as my planning and preparation. At a pre-event planning session, I will listen to your wishes and requests and then suggest music options and the optimum sequencing of events. We will review my custom Reception Planner which presents the various reception options.

With your input, I will create a reception timeline of events which will be shared with your catering director and photographer. I will ask for your "must play" and "do not play" genres, songs and dances and then create a customized playlist which may be adjusted as the reception unfolds to maximize your guests' involvement.

Pronunciation of names in your wedding party will be clarified and then coupled with a high-energy backing track to produce a dynamic Grand Entrance. The style of my presentation will be both formal and fun. And hours before your guests arrive, high-end audio equipment and lighting will be setup and tested with backup equipment in place to insure a flawless performance.

What I Do ...

From our initial contact until the final piece of equipment is packed away, I will invest about 30 hours of time and call upon years of my experience to plan, prepare and personally perform at your wedding reception to insure that you and your guests have a fun-filled, smooth-flowing, stress-free experience. You deserve nothing less on this very special day in your life.