10 Questions to ask your wedding DJ

1. Ask if the DJ gives potential client a free wedding consultation.

2. Ask about the DJ's presentation. Ask them to explain how they will handle the Bridal Party introductions, introduction of those doing the Toasts, the First Dance, Mother/Son & Father/Daughter Dances, Bouquet & Garter and special requested dances. You want to be comfortable with the DJ's style and personality.

3. Ask your DJ about one of their reviews or testimonials. This is important, especially if the DJ is not referred from a friend or family member. They should have reviews on their Website. Read them over. Do they sound real? With a name/date? Pick one by random and ask your potential DJ about that event. They should be able to tell you some details without hesitation!

4. Ask what he or she will be wearing. Some DJ's wear tuxedos. Some wear suits. A good DJ will wear what is appropriate for your occasion, and what you desire.

5. Ask your DJ to give you a little information about his or her equipment. While you don't want or need to know much about DJ equipment, it's nice to know that they have good speakers and mixer board. Does the DJ have a wireless microphone? Does they play from a laptop or CD players? What about extras such as lighting package(s)?

6. Ask about song selection. Does the DJ have a song list you can look at? Do they play requests? Can you choose "must play" and "no play" songs? Does the DJ have a wide variety of song selections (i.e. Big Band, classic rock, 80's, 90's, current). Can the DJ play songs to suit the tastes of ALL your guests (may be two or three generations).

7. Ask about pricing, contract, payment schedule. How much does the DJ charge for his or her services? Is it by the hour or a flat rate? What is the overtime charge, if any? When are payment(s) due? Do they have a contract?

8. Ask who will be your DJ? Is it the person you spoke to on the phone or saw on the Website? Be sure that your DJ is who you think it is before you hire them!

9. Ask your DJ about their background and experience. How long has he or she been DJ'ing? Weddings, parties or clubs? How many weddings? How many venues? For a company or on their own? Each has advantages and disadvantages. A professional smaller DJ company can give you more personal service and spend more time answering your questions. No detail is too small!

10. Ask your DJ how he or she would handle someone during toasts. Toasts during a wedding are very emotional, and the order of the toasters is important. You definitely don't want the "drunk uncle" who is not on the toast list getting the microphone at the end of toast time and ruining this special time!